Improve church engagement

Hark! Text your congregation, youth students, and small groups effortlessly.

Herald texting interface

The simplicity and effectiveness of Herald has allowed us to easily communicate with our students.

Kyle Dyck, Youth Pastor

Herald offered a simple way to quickly reach people without having to dedicate time and energy to the process!

Mikaela Klassen, Communications Director

Message everyone in 1 click

Tired of nobody reading your posts or emails? Texts are 5x more likely to be opened compared to email.

Reply to incoming texts

Recipients can reply to your messages, allowing you to have one-on-one text chats without messaging the whole group.

A text message conversation in Herald

Your own phone number

Herald gives you a new phone number to text with, so you don't have to use yours.

Your phone number in Herald

Message different groups of contacts

Want to easily message different people different things? No problem.

Your phone number in Herald

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